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We have a Feed your Neighbor event every month downtown. We start at 11am and we hand out food and clothing to the less fortunate downtown. We average serving 125 food and clothing. If you have a desire to help you can RSVP on the events page for the date you would like to help.

Join us at our Fundrasing Events

We had a successful first year with our fundraising dinner. We were to raise a 1/3 of our operating cost last year. We have big plans this year and are looking forward to adding more fundraising events. On top of having a fundrasing dinner on April 29th, will will be having a golf outing on June 24th. We will  also be hosting a carnival event later this year with date TBD.






In Person

If you need to get us items call or email and we can arrange to meet. Or you can give at any of our events. We are working on drop of points, they will be posted as we get them.


You can use our Venmo or Paypal to donate. If you prefer to donate items we have a amazon list link on the right side of our website, click on it and it will bring you to the list and you can buy and have it shipped to us. 

By Email

Email if you are interested in helping and want more information

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